A well-functioning Data Center cannot afford downtime in their operations. Therefore, every element of the technical infrastructure must be guaranteed an emergency plan and protected by quick and efficient technical support. DCPG provides services necessary for the functioning of the Data Center. We service precision air conditioning, MV (medium voltage), LV (low voltage), UPS, generators, ICT infrastructure, burglar alarm systems, and CCTV.
DCPG also negotiates the terms and conditions as well as prices of dedicated services on behalf a Client.



In order to know the specific needs of our client, we conduct an audit of the existing processes and infrastructure at the Data Center. We primarily perform audits of:

Energy efficiency of the Data Center and the client’s infrastructure

DCPG assists data processing centers in improving their energy efficiency by selecting suitable infrastructure and consolidating often scattered electrical energy reception points. The audit results in pinpointing the sources of unnecessary costs and optimizing them.

Together with our partners (the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency and Procesy Inwestycyjne), we perform comprehensive energy efficiency audits for data centers.

As part of the service we examine:
- the actual PUE ratio of the colocation center,
- the efficiency of making use of the cooling capacity at the center,
- the actual loss of energy in transformers, UPSs, and power lines (cables, busbars),
- wear and tear of the energy equipment and cooling system as well as their safety.

In addition, we prepare recommendations indicating areas of change.

Facility security

A facility security audit is to verify the current state of physical and technical security of the facility in order to (on the basis of information thus gathered) compile a set of recommendations for improvement, i.e. for minimizing, or eliminating altogether, different kinds of threats.

The audit identifies all the factors that are important for the protection of information, material resources, staff, and operations at the Data Center - both in the immediate surroundings of the organization as well as in its internal structure. Its purpose is to determine all of the organizational solutions that serve (or should serve) to protect the company.

Contracts for the supply of electricity

Experience and knowledge of the energy market makes us capable of assisting our clients in choosing their power supplier. We conduct, or assist, negotiations in this area. We analyze our clients’ needs, create energy profiles, and recommend the best tariffs to minimize and optimize the costs of energy consumption.

After analyzing the client’s needs and the center itself, we create or adjust processes at the colocation center so that they meet the client’s expectations.

Our job is to adapt the client’s processes (in accordance with the best practices of ITIL and ITSM) so that they conform most effectively to the colocation center procedures. Where justified, our role is also to negotiate special procedures with the colocation center, at times having the colocation center adjust their procedures to meet the client’s needs.

Additionally, we provide technical and operational support related to the aforementioned process by (among other things) setting up joint emergency phone numbers for the client, designating a person to act as single point of contact (SPOC), expert aid in the escalation process, creating a web service to integrate the ticketing systems of the Client and the colocation center.



Space arrangement
We do space arrangement for server rooms. We agree on and carry out each project taking into account specific requirements of the client, housing conditions, and budget. We aid the client in choosing the contractors and in implementation procedures and final acceptance. In this area, we also perform the following tasks:
- creating a floor plan for the placement of racks in the space available in the server room,
- planning out the arrangement of network and fiber-optic cable connectors in terms of functionality and ergonomics,
- preparing the layout of the low voltage electrical grid in terms of safety, functionality, and ergonomics.

We prearrange and carry out migrations for the Data Center. Within the framework of our activities, we coordinate the works within the client’s organization, including:
- creating a service map (the application layer),
- creating an equipment resources map (the infrastructure layer),
- risk assessment,
- creating / updating business continuity plans.

We also coordinate the works of third-party organizations and experts by:
- creating a service map (the application layer),
- creating an equipment resources map (the infrastructure layer),
- risk assessment,
- creating / updating business continuity plans.

We perform telecommunications audit for systems running in active-active mode.



Selecting the Data Center
We partner with the largest Data Centers in Poland. Thanks to our market knowledge and experience in data center management, we are able to aid our clients in selecting the right colocation center for them. We take into consideration the company’s internal regulations, e.g. those resulting from standards implemented by the company:
- Disaster Recovery Plan,
- Business Continuity Planning.
Also, depending on the market sector:
- the KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority) recommendation,
- the MON (Polish Ministry of National Defence) recommendations,
- trade recommendations
When selecting the data center, it is important to remember about:
- choosing the center according to the needed standard (tier 1-4),
- the number of telecommunications service providers available,
- the number of “access points” that the telecommunications service providers have to the colocation building,
- infrastructural SLA,
- SLA pertaining to the reaction to operational needs (NOC, DC operations),
- data center energy security.

There are 57 fundamental factors that need to be analyzed first, but the list can be enhanced to include another 72 variable factors that should be audited next.

As part of the service provided by DCPG, our experts will analyze your needs and prepare a list of recommended colocation centers in order for you to choose the right one.

In case of a public sector institution, our job is to consult, prepare technical materials, and take part in expert panels while the colocation center is being selected.

We hold investments in the DC / ICT business branch
- Contract negotiation for equipping a 400-square-meter colocation center in downtown Warsaw.
- Expanding a 550-square-meter colocation center to a 800-square-meter facility- full service: energy, precision air conditioning, fire protection, burglar alarm system, access control system, and video surveillance. The project must adapt a new room to the standards of the facility.